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Assam is a state of north east and is very crucial in the international tourist circles both from the point of view of heritage and environmental beauty. The state is located in the east Himalayas and from here; one can find the exemplary beauty of Brahamputra valley and Barak valley. This is in the list of seven sister states of north east. The state is famous for two important items. One of them is the Assam tea and the other is the Assam silk. These are categorized in the list of trade commodities and various tourists from different parts of India and world purchase these items when they come to Assam. This state is a fabulous state for the environmental lover and one can find the Sal forests in this part of the world. The global and the domestic tourists with the passion for the environment and the natural beauty love to visit the famous Kaziranga national park and the Manas national park. Both these national parks are in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. The Manas national park is both the tiger as well as the elephant reserve and the world renowned Kaziranga national park is quite famous for the largest population of the one horned rhinoceros. In this park, one can find the broad leaf tropical forests.

Assam is a place well known for the archaeological and the historical beauty. One can move to the place called Kamrup dating back to the 9th and 10th century AD. Here, one can find the ruins of Madan Kamdev and these are the scattered ruins that are located in the place of seclusion. These ruins are managed by the archaeological survey of India. There are references of Assam in the Kalki purana as well. One can move to the cities of Guwahati and Dispur and enjoy few days of happiness. Dispur is the capital of Assam.

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