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Bodh Gaya

India is a land of great cultural significance and this land is the place that gave birth to some of the greatest religions of the world. Bodhgaya is a place of great significance because it is the place where Lord Buddha gained enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. This tree is very significant for Buddhists and it is said that the present tree is the sapling of the original tree. After 250 years of enlightenment of Lord Buddha, emperor Ashoka constructed the original Mahabodhi temple. There is also a diamond throne in the temple. Visit Bodhgaya and gain insights of the great religion of love and peace established by Lord Buddha. India is a land of dreams and diverse destinations and this country is the paradise of the tourist. For the seeker of religion, India is a great place and there is much here in terms of spirituality. Bodhgaya is a sacred place and is located in the Indian state of Bihar and it is the place where Lord Buddha received the enlightenment. One has the opportunity to see the Mahabodhi temple. Bodh Gaya is one of the most important spots among the 4 spots of Buddhist. This is listed in the world Heritage site of the UNESCO. There is a new plan to make this place as one of the most fascinating spots on the face of the earth. Located at a distance of 110 km from Patna city, the temple of Mahabodhi has a wonderful diamond throne and the exotic Bodhi tree is the real splendor and this is the place where the master attained enlightenment. Buddha attained enlightenment and it is after 250 years of this great achievement of the divine master, emperor Ashok built this splendid temple. In the present times, Buddhism is spread to many countries of the world. In the Mahabodhi temple, one can find the railings. Sandstone and granite is used in the temple. Buddhism is the religion based on the peace and love initiative and the doctrines of this religion are marvelous and have attracted many people from this world.

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