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Darjeeling is a hill station in West Bengal and of amazing relevance from the point of view of tourism. From this hill station, one can find the glimpse of the lesser Himalaya. From here, one can also have the glimpse of one of the highest peaks of the world by the name Kanchenjunga. Other beautiful thing in this part of the world is the Darjeeling mountain railway and it is listed in the World heritage sites by UNESCO. Black tea is available in this part of the world with the new fermentation techniques. Seeing the beauty of extensive tea plantations is a wonderful experience for the tourist in this part of the world. As a result, you have the distinctive Darjeeling tea that is well known all over the world. You can enjoy a rode in the Darjeeling Himalayan railway and you can find the steam locomotives still in operation. You can find much of the British style architecture in this part of the world. As per the people, this place is linked to Hindu god Indira. Enjoying the glimpse of Darjeeling war memorial is a mesmerizing experience. In this part of the world, Scottish missionaries made many schools in the past. In the soil of Darjeeling, you can find the sandstone as well. One can fond the steep slopes in this part of the world and these look awesome. The climate of the region is temperate and one can find the monsoons as well. Having the glimpse of the alpine forests is a special experience in the life of the individual. You can visit the botanical garden and zoological park here.

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