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Golden Temple

The golden temple is the holiest shrine of Sikh religion and is located in Amritsar. The shrine is also called as Darbar Sahib or Harmandir Sahib. The design of golden temple was provided by Guru Arjan dev and the corner stone of the shrine was laid by the Muslim saint Hazrat Mian mir. The Holy Scripture was installed in this gurudwara in the year 1604ad. There is a book named Guru granth sahib in this gurudwara considered as the holiest scripture of Sikh religion. There is a free community kitchen available for everyone. This shrine is among the major places of visit and per day more than one lac people come to visit the Golden temple. The Golden temple was attacked by Afghans in past and was rebuilt but the Sikh army destroyed the Afghan army after tracing them. The literal meaning of Harmandir Sahib is temple of God. There is a sarovar surrounding the Gurudwara. If one takes the bath, one is blessed. One can enter the Gurudwara through the four entrances. The temple is called Golden temple because gold is used outside and inside the temple.

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