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India is a land with the aura of religion and spirituality and this country is also known as the treasure house of spirituality in the international tourist circles. One cannot miss to see the abode of Gods called Hardwar. The literal meaning of Hardwar is the gate way to God. Hardwar carries an immense significance because of the sacred river Ganges and is one of the principal seats of the famous Kumbh mela. Hardwar is also referred as the center of Moksha or salvation in the Hindu circles and also the seat of Lord Shiva, also referred as Mahadeva in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Hardwar is well known for the famous ghats and the worship of river Ganges is a great spiritual experience. The flow of the earthen lamps in the river gives a spectacular view to the tourist and one really feels proud of the great country India. Millions have visited this place from ancient times to the time of Lord Buddha till today. Haridwar has a special relevance in India because of the pilgrim tourists and is one of the most important spots in Hinduism. The literal meaning of Haridwar is gateway to God or Hari.  In fact, this place falls among the seven sacred places when it comes to Hindu religion. As per the legend of Samudra manthan, also called the churning of the ocean, Haridwar is among the four spots where the divine nectar of eternal life fell. Kumbh mela is held here and one can see the huge rush of millions of devotees here waiting to have a holy dip in the pious river Ganges. Having the dip in Har ki pauri is considered very sacred and this is among the most sacred ghats of the region. For the nature lovers, this is a wonderful spot and one can also go for the Char dham yatra from this place.  In fact, there is a strong mention about the sanctity of this place in Vana parva. In the evening, there is the famous Ganga aarti held daily. One can go to the temple of Mansa devi riding on the cable car. It is said that Guru Nanak also had come here during his time and Haridwar maintains the geneaology register.

One can also visit the famous Bharat mata Mandir here. This is a temple of many floors. One can move to the different phases of Indian history on reaching this temple. Right from the days of Ramayana to the modern times, the tourist has the option to see everything here. In the Jairam Ashram, one can see a big white statue. This statue shows the image of the churning of the ocean. In Haridwar, there is also a very famous yoga center of Baba Ramdev by the name Patanjali Yogpeeth.

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