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Lord Krishna was the principal organizer of the war of Mahabharata and holds a great relevance in the Indian civilization. It is said that lord Krishna belonged to the clan of yadavas and was born to Devki. Lord Krishna spent a part of childhood in the gardens of vrindavan, presently located near Mathura in the northern belt of India. In the present times, Vrindavan is a spot of tourists from the different parts of the world and one can see the famous Iskon temple at this place. Lord Krishna is considered as the supreme godhead in the Hindu texts and is a god with 16 kalas, also called as sarv kala sampoorn. Visit the beautiful vrindavan and the easy access to this place is from Agra or Mathura. India is a place of diversity. There is much to see in terms of temples, religious places, rivers, hill stations, beaches etc. Lord Sri Krishna is the son of Devki and was born in the Yadava clan in Mathura. He is the full incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is called syambu, created without human conception. Janamashtami is birthday of Lord Sri Krishna. On the day of Janamashtami, people undergo fasts and visit temples of lord. Hindus break fasts by having sweets and pakoras. There is a grand celebration in the ISKON temples all over the world on the occasion of Janamashtami. Being in Mathura is a bliss in life. One can reach there by rail or by road. The place is near the city of Agra.

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