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Mumbai is the richest city of India and there is a huge incoming rush to this industrially developed city and also the business hub. The city of Mumbai is the gateway to the international trade primarily because of the sea. For the international tourist, Mumbai has significance primarily in the areas of ecology, heritage and business. The famous gateway of India is an old monument constructed during the first few decades of the twentieth century. This was built as a welcome monument for King George 5 and his queen. From the gateway of India, one can take a steamer drive to the famous Elephanta caves. These caves represent the Buddhist art. From Borivali, one can also visit the Sanjay Gandhi national park and see the rare flora and fauna. One can see the tiger. In this national park, one can also visit the famous Kanheri caves and these date back to 2400 years. At the very entrance of the caves, one finds the giant rock cut sculpture of Buddha, the one who got salvation. He was also called Shakyamuni.

Mumbai is the city of unbelievable nightlife and spending evenings in the restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels has a unique charm. The weekend charm on the very famous Juhu beach is something a person cannot describe in words. Enjoy the fresh street food here and this includes Pani Puri, Bhel puri, Pav bhaji and much more. The people who make these chatpati appetizers are experts in their field. One can make these chatpati appetizers in home but will not get the same effect. The evening walk in the very famous commercial hub Nariman point is something special and here, one can see the glimpse of the sea and large buildings. Seeing them ignites dreams to become big man in this world. Mumbai, an acclaimed city of world, is home to great industrialists of India.

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