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Ranthambore national park

Ranthambore national park also called Ranthambore tiger reserve is one of the most fascinating environmental hubs on the face of the earth. Before this environmental hub of flora and fauna became a national park, this was the game reserve of the princes and the kings of Rajasthan. The national park is well known for some of the wonderful tiger glimpses in India. Ranthambore tiger reserve is listed in the project tiger. This national park is located in between the Vindya and Aravali ranges. The undiluted landscapes and the conical hills of Aravali provide a wonderful touch of natural beauty that has a lasting effect. In the Ranthambore national park, one can find the fort that is more than one thousand years old. The fusion of the Dhok trees with the grasslands in the valleys and plateaus is a wonderful feature of the national park. The three big lakes in this national park are Malik Talab, Padam Talab and Raj Talab. This national park is quite famous for the aquatic vegetation. The three major forms of aquatic vegetations in this park are lilies, duckweeds and lotus.

Ranthambore fort adds to the beauty of the national park and one can see the two famous rivers Banas and Chambal flowing here. The architecture of the Ranthambore fort looks stunning amid the rocky terrain. In this national park, one finds a fusion of the dry deciduous forests and the wide grassy meadows. The tiger is not only the wild attraction in the park but one can also find the other wild animals like Hyena, wild boar, marsh crocodile, bears, jackal and much more. In this park, one can also find the different species of deer. Tiger is among the chief predators of the Ranthambore national park. The tiger generally eats the wild animals like wild boar, swamp deer and on certain occasion wild ox also. In order to reach the Ranthambore national park, the tourist can travel a distance of one hundred and ten kilometer from the city of Kota. In the earlier times, Ranthambore national park was also called the Swai Madaopur Game sanctuary. In the year 1973, the region became the project tiger reserve and in the year 1980, it became a national park. To enjoy the safari ride in the Ranthambore national park, one should check the timings of the events. One can hire a gypsy to experience the wild animals at a very close range.

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